Dynamic is an active condition, which is characterized by energy or effective action. It is vigorously active and forceful energetic. Forming in a dynamic condition. Thisconcept is proposed by Greg Lynn, who is specicon the use of animation and motion graphic software for the construction of architect and design. Different from the traditional construction process, from a 2 Dimensions developed to a 3 Dimensions structure. Trough the simulation, designer can form ashape in a 3D, dynamic view, and choose a satisce second asthe end form of the project. This forming process bring to the designer a more clearly and intuitive visual experience. But because the form is from a frozen second in the forming process that means, this dynamic condition is ended in this time point and turn into a normal statically state. But is there have a possibility that to make this dynamic condition endless? In this case, the following experiments are developed.

PHASE 1 Fluid dynamic forming
Liquid is one of the greatest dynamic conditions, which is different in every second. Even a mini- mum changing can initiate a big transformation. Put one liquid into another, this combination process is also a dynamic for- ming process. Whatever in the end they will dissolve or sepa-rate, during this process, they are making in uence on theform of each other. But this transformation process can just exist a very short time, and the fantastic moments disappear so fast. So that would be great, if there have a material, whichcan be formed from liquid in a exible state and also retain the form from it. Resin is one of the materials, which can ll upthese requirements. Trough chemical reaction, the combine resin can transform from a liquid state to a solidity state in 5 minutes. With the help of this character of resin, the different forming abilities from different liquids are saved. Some other characters of resin also come under observation.

PHASE 2 Dynamic Forming Systems 
In the whole uid condition, through the swimming of uent resin, the most of them rened pretty details. But after measure the volume and height of the solitary resin from different liquids, the growing height of resin are similar and not so much. And the structures ofthem are also so thin, irregularity and weak. Toll up this weakness and also make the system better controlled, here willbring a harder force as the dynamic condition a semi fuid condition into this system. This semi uid condition is made upof basalt with cleanser. The structure of resin, which becomefrom the semi uid system is rm, orderliness, and with a completely different surface from the uid system. With the com-bination of two state systemsuid and semi uid formingcondition. The integral dynamic forming system is build up.
Through the vertical arrangement of different liquids, display the different of forming abilities obviously,amount of nedetails are showed.
The structure of the resins,which are formed from uid and semi uid conditions are complete complementary. The soli-tary resin from semi uid condition brings rm structure, and that from uid condition bringsgrowing character and details. The combination of these two structures is become from thecombination of the uid and semi uid condition need to beemploy one after another. Firstly, build the support part in asemfluid condition. Then based on this part, in the different standees direction of formwork, through the stress from liquid and the buoyancy of resins itselves, let the uent resin twist and growing around the support structure.
PHASE 3 Dynamic Combinations
Two most different structures in thesystem are de nite separate, repetitive combination structureare employed. To expand the diversity of combination struc- ture, externalize the two standard structures from two condi- tions respectively. From a number of variation structures, choose the characteristic parts to combine.
Externalization of the support part, which is formedfrom the uentresin percolatethrough the uentbasalt. Begging with the basically form a single line. Make it longer, shorter, thinner, then half mass and double mass, from quantity and di- mension to make change.
Combine 1: thicker growing around the 3 Dimensional support structure
Combine 2: thinner growing on the two Dimensional support structure
PHASE 4 Endless Dynamic Forming 
The dynamic forming process of the resin system is ending at the time point that the competi- tions of the chemise reaction of resin combination. That me-ans, after that, whatever how the uid or the semi uid conditi-on are changed, the forming is nished. But is that alsopossible that man keeps this dynamic forming process fore-ver? Here need a kind of material which can always re ectwith the dynamic condition. At this point, bring another spring wire construction system into here. The wires have the elastic characters. And the dynamic condition here is the movement from human. A small behavior of human can rise to the mo- vements of many parts of body. These are similar to the liquid condition, which can also transform from a tiny changing. Make the wire construction combination with the human body, with the movement of body, the wires forming a 3 di- mensions form from a special 2 dimensions construction.
Different two dimensions composition forming different three dimensions form through movement.
Movement of body and wires create different persona.
The most fantastic character of this dynamic system is that the forming processes are developed in an active, mo-bile condition. Dynamic is not only a suf cient condition, but also an indispensable requirement. The combination with the motion of human helped to keep the dynamic condition in an endless form. It is a development of dynamic systems and also a combinative direction which in the edge of interactive design and animate forming system. Man can imagine that in the near future this interactive character can be used to re-ect the motion of human or build up some interacts, or even take the place of the real human re ection in some occasion.

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