There are a lot of tiny voices around us, which even not be noticed, but very unique and attractive. Such as the sound of switchs. It's just sounds like a percussion instrument tapping beat. Starting with this tiny, interesting discovery, I collected more different types of switches which can make different tone. Such as the switches from toaster, from rice cooker, from microwave and oven etc. I record the sounds of them and trying to creat different beats and rhythm in garageband, make “sound assemble”.
Continue with the sound assemble game in PHASE 1 and trying to make the sound assemble not only in program but in a physical way. Here comes the idea to make an instrument, which can make live sound assemble of switches. Then invite musicians to play it. And it is a live assembly now.

Musician Caroline d'Orville and Lisa Moll made an experimental music sample with these two experimental instrument.

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