Were you nervous when someone comes to you in sudden and ask to take a photo with you? 
Do you have lens-phobia?
Reasons for lens-phobia
The main reason for lens-phobia is the psychological distance of technics. Such as the cold
tone color, metall material and mechanical appearance, which is commen in the most cameras and especially the lenses. All of them bring people the distance feeling.
Another important reason for lens phobia is the uncontrolled feeling when people is photographing by another person. Research shows, everyone has an over expected image in their mind. So it's the past unsatised photos or photography experiences cause their worrying when they are making photos.
Solution for phone
When people see themselves in the make up miror, they have not only no afraid but even more like to observe. So the first solution for phone is putting a make-up mirror on the phone. And face it to the people who is shooted, so that this person can see himself or herself as the same view of photographer. They can see how they look like and adjust their mimik to satis ded and gain more in controlled feeling thereby.
Solution for camera
Solution for the camera lens is to make the face of photographer visible and cover the mechanical lens, so that the technical product language be changed to humanly. A self printed brochure which with different mimic of photographer be putted on the front of the lens. Now it is de nitely a funny experience to take photos.

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