As the first Practice of the course “Einführung in das Entwerfen (Introduction of Design )” in the first semester of industrial design,, which is guided from Prof. Winfried Scheuer. We made this Razor project. The assignment is to design a male wet razor, which is suitable to the Gillette II razor blade. The project began at 10,31,2016 and ended at 01,30,2017. The main tasks are: the timetable of project making, sketching, modeling, package de- sign, named the razor with font design, and documentation. One of the emphasis is to find a solution to joint the handle and the razor blade.
Man always cashing after tides, brave the wind and the waves, but a very few time to review the sea from its backside. When you see it, it could be a smooth radian, an elongated white body, and that maybe the real wave, implied but eternity. It's also like to see the people from external and internal level, the real one can only hide behind the surface. The form of this razor is just like to see the wave from this back view.
CLASS 2015/16

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